FSY 2023

FSY 2023

Currently registration is open to any Stake in the United States that is assigned to 2023. If your teenager cannot make our Stake's date and time please look at other available places and spots that may work for you. On that same note, that means if you have not registered for our slotted location and week please do so as soon as possible, spots are filling up.

On April 20th out location will open up to any youth in the United States, off or on-cycle of 2023.

Date: June 19th to June 23rd. If you absolutely cannot make this week work with the rest of the Milwaukee South Stake you are able to register for June 26th-June 30th. We will be combining with the Green Bay Stake.

Where: St. John’s Northwest Academies in Delafield, WI.


Bishops: Start approving youth now. 

Ward Reps: Each Ward has a FSY representative. If you have any questions please reach out to them.

Elkhorn- Dave Moss

Kenosha 1st- Kyle Griffith

Kenosha 2nd- Benito Valencia

Kettle Moraine- Katelin Krause

Lake Mills- Rhett Robinson

Milwaukee 2nd- Joshua Hernandez

Muskego Lakes- Linda Walczak

Oak Creek- Matt Ziegler

Paddock Lake- Kennon Bannon

Paddock Lake- Aaron Johnson

Racine- Noah Tracy

West Allis- Jonathan French

If you need additional please reach out to Clark and Tori Thompson, Stake FSY Representatives

Common Issues or Concerns: